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Stryker's Pro Shop located inside Rimrock Lanes offers all the necessary services for your bowling ball and accessory needs. If we don't have it in stock, we will order it. We have the most competitive prices around and 20 years of combined drilling experience with two professionally trained ball drillers on staff.

Our pro shop philosophy centers around the cost being kept as low as possible so bowlers can afford the sport they enjoy. Give us a call for a price quote when you start to think about a new purchase and you will more than likely be suprised at the price. Many of our customers travel from other areas of the state and return for their next purchases. If you have purchased your ball yourself, and need it drilled, we typically charge $35.00 for a standard conventional fit and $50.00 for fingertip drilling with inserts and thumb slug included. We are happy to drill customers off site  purchased balls, as this is less we have to inventory.